Shipping Schedule

Any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Updated December 21, 2109
We are currently shipping planting zones 8-10 for the fall season.  If you place an order and are in planting zones 7 and lower, please check the box asking for fall shipping if you want your order shipped now.  You can always email us at [email protected] to check on your order or let us know when you would like your order shipped.  Also please note, orders are going out in the order that they are received and we always provide a tracking number.   Any questions, please email us at [email protected]  And thank you so much for your business - Bob & Debbie

(Please note - our plants need to be dormant in order for us to harvest them for shipping.  This is dependent on the weather, so the dates are not exact.  No fall orders will be shipped before late November.) 

Zone 2 = NO FALL SHIPPING - All orders will be shipped in spring                                                         

Zone 3 = 
NO FALL SHIPPING - All orders will be shipped in spring                                                                

Zone 4 = Weather Permitting – Possibility of Spring Shipment                                                              

Zone 5 = 
Weather Permitting – Possibility of Spring Shipment   

Zone 6 = Weather Permitting – Possibility of Spring Shipment
                Shipping November 30th to December 30th                                     

Zone 7 = 
Shipping November 30th to January 15th                                   

Zone 8 = 
Shipping December 10th to January 30th                                     

Zone 9 = 
Shipping December 30th to January 30th                                                     

Zone 10 = 
Shipping December 30th to February 15th


Please note that spring is our extremely busy season.  We know you are excited to get your plants in the ground.  We work hard to get our orders out as quickly as possible as each zone opens for shipping.  Orders are shipped in the order that they are received.

Zone 2 = Shipping May 15th to July 30th

Zone 3 = Shipping May 15th to July 30th

Zone 4 = Shipping May 12th to July 30th 

Zone 5 = Shipping May 1st to July 30th 

Zone 6 = Shipping April 15th to June 30th 

Zone 7 = Shipping April 1st to June 15th

Zone 8 = Shipping March 29th to May 30th 
Zone 9 = Shipping March 15th to May 30th 

Zone 10 = Shipping March 15th to April 30th


Ship Dates
Ship Dates
205/15–07/30May 30thNo Fall ShippingNA
305/15–07/30May 15thNo Fall ShippingNA
405/12–07/30May 15thBased on Weather09/30
505/02–07/30April 30thBased on Weather
604/15–06/30April 15th11/15–12/3010/15
704/01–06/15April 1st11/30–01/1511/15
803/29–05/30April 1st12/10–01/3012/30
903/15–05/30April 1st12/30–01/30NA
1003/15–05/30April 1st12/30–02/15NA
NOTE: Dormant Inventory of Popular Plants Could Run Low Close to the End of The Season - Don't Be Disappointed - ORDER EARLY!!
We do our best to ship orders out as soon as we can.  
Due to the high volume of orders during our shipping seasons, orders placed during that time may have a shipping delay of 2-3 weeks.  
We appreciate your patience during this busy shipping time!

Shipping Zones