Sassafras Tree

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Sassafras 'albidum- Grows To 60', Sassafrases are known for their fragrance and flavor. The root and stems have uniquely different fragrances and flavors. The roots have the smell of root beer since they were one of the primary plants used in making traditional root beer. The stems have a slightly more citric smell. Safrole is the component in the plant that gives it it’s unique fragrance and flavor. The roots or stems are boiled to extract the safrole into the liquid, this liquid is then used in small amounts to add flavor to drinks such as tea and root beer. Safrole by itself is very bitter so sweeteners are often used to balance the flavor.  This tree is also very ornamental, smooth brownish orange bark, wood is light and hard, leaves usually consist of 3 lobes, but sometimes can occur as a two lobed 'mitten', or single unlobed oval. fruit is blueish black, less than 1/2 inch in diameter. Item # L1048-SAS Shipping Size: 1'-2'

GROWING ZONES: 4-9 / SUN EXPOSURE: Full to partial Sun

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